Is this what normal people call
A "State of Temporary Insanity"?
I will not mind their opinions.
If madness is the price of bliss, what a bargain!
What a bargain.



Pray tell what thoughts you are sending
What subtle spells you cast secretly at night
Weaving a blanket
Weft, affection
Warp, passion
To keep us warm
Stars twinkling down
Silver moon smiling



Like rays of an Indian sun
Falling upon lotus
You unfolded me,
Petal by petal,
Ray by ray,
Soaking myself full of you
I'm feeling your warmth



Full moon
So bright and serene
Keeps me awake.

Letting its stillness
Soak my being
I look up,
Joyfully certain
Moon dust sprinkles
You, too, Love,
Caressing you
This silvery night



It is October.
Summer’s piercing rays have mellowed
Into fall’s warm caress
Short-lived and precious.
Chestnut trees bathed in moonlight,
Silverdust sprinkled on grass.
A flutter of wings above.

Feet tread softly into the clearing,
Tiny temple, marbled and pure.
Eagerly, he steps up to the center
Hands touching a cool stone image,
Draping fragrant flowers around shoulders
He longs to kiss,
Searching for eyes that reflected his own
Saw him with more beauty
Than he ever felt he had to offer.
She, who had cheered his day
And born his children
Whose love made him love himself
Now long gone
A mere memory in stone
She who still breaks his heart
With her absence.
His lament, heard by the stars above
And the trees casting shadows
Under the moon:
“Why have you left me
When I love you so
And must face another sunrise without you?
Send me a sign
That I am not alone;
That you know all I never said
But should have.”

A flutter of wings above
Stirs velvety air
Softly, tenderly
Caressing his cheek.



On the mountain, a tree
Serenely developing,
Nourishing the region.
Wild goose gradually draws
Near the cliff.
It calls to its mate:
"I have a goblet.
Let me share it with you"


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