Pity it is evening, yet
I do love the water of this spring
seeing how clear it is, how clean;
rays of sunset gleam on it,
lighting up its ripples, making it
one with those who travel
the roads; I turn and face
the moon; sing a song, then
listen to the sound of the wind
amongst the pines.

Li T'ai Po (701-762)

Self-banter on Planting Trees

Still planting trees at seventy!
Yet mock not at my "foolishness", dear neighbors.
It's true that mortals must die,
But fortunately none can foretell when.

Yuan Mei (1716-1798)

In a Bamboo Grove

Lying alone in the dark bamboo grove,
I Play on my flute, and whistling on.
In this dark wood where no one comes,
The bright moon enters shining on me.

Wang Wei (699-759)

Rain on Spring Night

Nice rain knows the season to fall,
It just comes at the right time of spring.
It silently enters together with the night,
Moistening everything gently and quietly.
The wilderness is dark with clouds,
Lights only shine through on the river-boats.
Red and wet will be the dawn tomorrow,
Jin Guan City* will see flowers blooming everywhere.

Tu Fu (712-770)

As I look upward
Mountain azaleas burn
Above the lava.

A winter chrysanthemum
Wears nohing -- except its own
Beams of light.

Blown in the wind,
It is whiter than the waves --
Lotus in autumn.

Mizuhara Shuoshi (1892-)

Searching for the Hermit in Vain

Under the pines I ask the boy for the hermit.
"My master has gone gathering herbs", he said.
"He is somewhere in the mountain,
Deep in the clouds where no one knows."

Jia Dao (777-841)

Plum Flowers

At the corner of the wall, a few branches of plum
Brave the cold to blossom alone.
Even far off, I know it is not snow

Qang An-Shi (1021-1086)

You ask how I spend my time
I nestle against a treetrunk
and listen to autumn winds
in the pines all night and day.

Shantung wine can't get me drunk.
The local poets bore me.
My thoughts remain with you,
like the Wen River, endlessly flowing.

Li T'ai Po

I came here a wanderer
thinking of home,
remembering my far away Ch'ang-an.
And then, from deep in Yellow Crane Pavillion,
I heard a beautiful bamboo flute
play "Falling Plum Blossoms."
It was late spring in a city by the river.

Li T'ai Po

The fragrance of the pink lotus
fails, the jade mat hints of autumn.
Softly I unfasten my silk cloak,
Who is sending a letter from
among the clouds?
When the swan message returns,
the balcony is flooded with moonlight.

The blossoms drift on, the water flows.
There is the same yearning of the heart,
But it abides in two places.
There is no way to drive away this yearning:
Driven from the eyebrows,
It enters the heart.

Li Ch'ing-chao (1084-1151)

The Cold Mountain

The cold mountain turning dark green,
The autumn stream flows murmuring on.
Leaning on my staff beneath the wicket gate,
I hear the cry of the aged cicada in the swift wind.

Wang Wei

These photographs were taken in the month of March, 2001
at the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Federal Way,Washington (USA).
This collection is generously made available to visitors
by the Weyerhaeuser Corporation. It consists of 50 lovely Bonsai
from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Canada and the United States.
For more information, you may contact them
by phone at (253) 924 5206 or by visiting their website by clicking on the following link:

Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

The Weyerhaeuser Company - Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

LIST of BONSAI pictured from top to bottom:

1. HACKBERRY - Root over Rock Planting
2. SIERRA JUNIPER - also called Western Juniper -309 years old
3. CHINESE JUNIPER on Sierra Juniper
4. JAPANESE MAPLE GROVE of 59 trees - 30 years old
5. KIRISHIMA AZALEA - 46 years
6. CHINESE BANYAN - 35 years
10. CREEPING JUNIPER - 39 years old
11. FLOWERING PLUM "MOSERI" - after the bloom -see # 7 above
12. SHORE PINE - "Pinus Contora"- 249 years old

copyright Annette Solyst

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