" A World of Imagination "

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Imagine a cloudy day, and fog shrouding nature with its veil.
Then, let your imagination travel to a world of brilliant colors and exotic settings;
a world in which giraffe kisses frog, dog is enchanted by lotus flower and snake lovingly embraces morning bird. A place where all creatures great and small get along splendidly.

Welcome to the world of my imagination.
These drawings are dedicated to all people who walk on a Path of the Heart.

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Sunflow1 - Thumbnail
Larkspu1 - Thumbnail

There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth,
beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest,
the very highest heavens.
This is the Light that shines in our heart.

Giraffe3 - Thumbnail
Why Not?
Return - Thumbnail
Return Visit

From Joy all beings have come
By Joy they all live
And unto Joy they all return

Bird - Thumbnail
Hi Birdie
Snakebird - Thumbnail

He is the blue bird, he is the green bird with red eyes;
he is the thundercloud, and he is the season and the seas.

Lotus.j1 - Thumbnail
Lotus Unfolding
Flaming1 - Thumbnail
Atlas Flamingo

What a man thinks, that he is: this is the old secret.

Aaaahhh - Thumbnail
Rainfor1 - Thumbnail
Batool's Rainforest

The divine voice of thunder repeats the same, Da Da Da
that is: Be Restrained, Be Generous, Be Merciful.
Therefore let that triad be taught,
Subduing, Giving, and Mercy.

Guardian - Thumbnail
Atum-Re - Thumbnail

That is full, this is full.
This full proceeds from that full.
On grasping the fulness of this full there is left that full.

Aviator - Thumbnail
Swooping Down
Mountain - Thumbnail
Orange Mountains

"Thou Art That"

"I am he who shakes the tree"

Lizard.1 - Thumbnail
Frog - Thumbnail

He who is the fire and he who is in the heart,
And he who is in the sun, they are one and the same

Runaway - Thumbnail
Dilopho1 - Thumbnail
Zainab's Dilo

I am below, I am above, I am behind, before, right and left-
I am all this.

All Artwork by Annette Solyst
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copyright 2001-2005 Annette Solyst

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Above quotes are from the UPANISHADS
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